Asthma Cures

June 2, 2009

There hasn’t been a proven cure for asthma by doctors, but there are people who have said to have their asthma cured completely. I have managed to put together some great ways on how to cure asthma and get rid of the things that’s stopping you from living a normal life.
So I listed the 3 best and most powerful methods on how to cure asthma below:
Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar breaks down fattening food, this is by far the most celebrated remedy for asthma out of the 3. Take two bottle caps twice a day, either in sweet apple juice or just cut with water and honey.
It’s so effective that some people have claimed to stop using their Flixotide steroid treatment. Also if you take 2 tbsps of Apple Cider Vinegar it will cure the tightness in your chest too.
Vitamin B12
This has also helped a many people relieve their asthma, and allowed them to do things they wouldn’t have normally been able to do. Take Vitamin B12 with Magnesium and a liver cleansing supplement, and stop eating diary.
Quercetin works as an antihistamine and has anti-inflammatory properties. Quercetin are found in onions, apples, green tea, and black tea. Smaller amounts are found in leafy green vegetables and beans.
If you take very high doses of Quercetin (its impossible to take to much, its non toxic and safe) you will start to see improvement in your asthma. After a few weeks, you can start using a lower dose and can be taken with no side effects or worries, and another very popular way on how to cure asthma
It’s true that the above does work well with asthma, and will give you some relief. But in reality, it won’t entirely get rid of your asthma. Honestly I didn’t see any great improvement for my asthma, until a friend recommended I visit a site that help him totally put his asthma in his past.
So I went ahead a went to, and seriously it was the best decision I ever made in my life PERIOD. To shorten my story, let’s just say if you were to ever run into me, you’ll never know I used to be a former asthmatic with severe asthma.
Also here’s another great site design for people suffering with asthma called Natural Ways to Cure Asthma, this is a very good site made by someone who once had asthma, and now they are giving away the goods on how they did it.
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